Artists be like: 

"Yeiii my album is number one!!!!"

but then…


October 27th.



taylorswift HI TAYLOR. I think you should see this cover of Red by Fifth Harmony who I happened to hear you met at the VMA’s. They were on X factor in 2012 where they also performed WANEGBT.  It would be cool if you seen it because they are big fans, and your fans are fans and their fans are fans and basically we all love you both and for you to see it would be amazing because they are so talented!!! 


"Tumblr: A Place To Be Yourself, And Also To Use Words You’ve Only Ever Heard In Rap Songs/Teen Slang

The working title of the report I would write on Tumblr, if I had any reason to write reports of any kind ever.”

hi hello sup my name is anna and i'm 14
i try to keep the taylor to 5h ratio pretty even but sometimes one fandom may take up a little bit more of my blog sorry
watching: teen wolf (s4), dance moms (s4), and faking it (s1) reading: unwind (neal shusterman) listening to: fifth harmony's new stuff and obvi taylor and ed
you're rad never forget it ily